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To Be. . .Or Not
Clue-less: A Melodramatic Mystery
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (adaptation)
A Vaudeville Renaissance
Top of My Class
Sherlock Holmes in Wonderland: Time is Offended
Cracked: A Fairytale Unbound
Lonzo Julio Miguel Pepe Ignacio Vasquez III, PI
Soon All Turn to Ruins

Making History: A Documentary of a Documentary (screenplay)   







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Web Series


In association with Cryptid Country...


The Nightmare Stag

A psychological folk horror series

set in rural Texas about a woman

shedding the scales from her eyes.

Don't ignore the signs.


Coming Summer 2019

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Faye Sabrage Brontide lives where the Bible Belt and Tornado Alley cross; therein she studies and writes Gothic narratives. Things that make the moon rise in her soul: long walks in nettled woods, Celtic and Neo-Medieval music, mist-born mornings, evenings filled with heat lightning and owls, abandoned buildings, and writings by mystics. Things that delight her: her two daschshunds and three rat ladies. Things that fill her with glory: coffee and justice.

When she's not relishing and/or writing about gloomth, she's teaching creative writing, including poetry, fiction,  screenwriting, and non-fiction. Contact her to say hello or to schedule a workshop.



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