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Gloomth  /ɡlo͞omTH/

n. or adj.

A portmanteau coined by Horace Walpole describing the soothing gloom found in Gothic abbeys and cathedrals felt on a spiritual level; when sacred and profane mingle; romanticized melancholy.

Gothic  /ˈɡäTHik/

n. or adj.

A strange and beguiling spectrum of spectral literary elements that conjure both awe and the awful as well as manifest metaphysical realities in genre and literary prose that haunt us.

Faye Sabrage Brontide lives where the Bible Belt and Tornado Alley cross; therein she studies and writes Gothic narratives among other oddities.


Things that make the moon rise in her soul: long walks in nettled woods, Celtic and Neo-Medieval music, mist-born mornings, evenings filled with heat lightning and owls, abandoned buildings, and writings by mystics.


Things that delight her: her dachshunds and rat ladies.


Things that fill her with glory: coffee and justice.

When she's not relishing or writing about gloomth, she's teaching it. She also teaches creative writing, including poetry, fiction,  screenwriting, and non-fiction.


Contact her to say hello or to schedule a workshop.


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